Next, as we celebrate innovative patients and caregivers, is the inventor of SafeBoard, a patented, non-invasive stabilization device used for pediatric patients during line insertion. Ansley Bienvenu, RN, BSN, VABC started her nursing career in the Emergency Room at what is now known as Nicklaus Children’s Hospital.  Being part of the trauma team she was able to sharpen her vascular access skills and Ansley eventually transitioned to the Vascular Access Team. Specializing in ultrasound guided vascular access, Ansley became well aware of the frustrations associated with poor PICC insertion protocols especially with younger patients. Insufficient staff available to hold pediatric patients led to delays in care. Usage of sedation, irritating adhesives and restraints often led to less than desirable outcomes. Many of her patients were already at risk due to the nature of their chronic illness and age. Complications as a result of delays, additional trauma, and unnecessary sedation was a problem that needed a solution. Ansley knew there was a better way and in 2017, she invented SafeBoard. 

SafeBoard is a non-invasive extremity stabilization device designed for use on neonates and pediatrics. It stabilizes the arm or leg for vascular access insertions and blood draws. SafeBoard promotes safe vascular access by preventing medical adhesive related skin injuries, limits or totally eliminates restraint usage as well as reduces or eliminates usage of sedative medications. SafeBoard can save vascular access teams and other medical personnel valuable time and may significantly reduce costs for facilities. Ansley told us “My job is to get these babies access efficiently and safely, regardless of the circumstances. SafeBoard helps me accomplish that.”

If you’ve ever met a toddler, I’m sure you can imagine the skill it must take to place a PICC Line. This testimony on SafeBoard’s website says it all.

“Today, I used Safeboard to place a (picc) on a really cool and funny 3 year old boy.  As you may know, three is a fun age and they can also be a force to be reckoned with at that age.  Where cute little boys suddenly summon the strength of Captain America when faced with a needle in the hands of a nurse!  I am very thankful that a product like Safeboard exists!  It helped me keep the child secured, safe from injury, and I was able to maintain sterility.  No sedation needed.  It is super simple to use and turned an otherwise difficult stick into a breeze of a procedure.  Also, the mother was reassured that I was using such a safe device.  It helped Mom feel more at ease with the whole procedure.  In fact, she wished the nurses had one so they could use it to do dressing changes!  I would like to see Safeboard become a standard in pediatric care around the globe!

– Andrew Edwards, RN, VABC

SafeBoard, like CareAline’s line of securement products, is a seemingly simple solution. Simple but categorically necessary in solving a host of potential complex, costly issues. Ansley and her team is currently working to commercialize SafeBoard so that every Children’s Hospital across the nation can benefit from this product. To learn more about SafeBoard visit or you can contact Ansley at


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