CareAline’s clinically effective sleeves and wraps increase safety for patients, and help hospitals improve outcomes while lowering costs. 

We work with hospital teams to meet clinical needs for rapidly evolving protocols and standards for care. Including CareAline in safety bundles in the hospital establishes standardized, consistent management for the life of the line. It is critical that hospital staff utilizes the products in the hospital, and recommends the products for home use, so that they are used correctly and function seamlessly both in and out of the hospital.

Hospitals that have added CareAline as part of their standard of care immediately see improved patient outcomes, decreased vascular access line complications such as CLABSI and dislodgment, and higher patient satisfaction. Improved clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction has proven how much these products can change lives and line management as we know it today.


CareAline Sleeves and Wraps have been clinically evaluated for their efficacy in safety improvements for patients with vascular access lines. Below are the results of these evaluations.
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CLABSI Reduction

A team of infection control, central line and quality control experts at Rainbow Babies Children’s Hospital recognized a need for a better infection prevention plan. The goal was to identify gaps in the infection control process in order to decrease central line related infections.

To learn about how CareAline contributed to decreasing central line related infections by 40% when included in their safety and maintenance bundle, CLICK HERE.

thumbnail of medical conference poster from APHON 2018

Fewer Line Breaks

A 2016 study done by C.S. Mott Children’s Hospital and the University of Michigan revealed that forty-four percent of CVC replacements were in pediatric patients less than four years of age. A pilot study was initiated with CareAline. In an effort to prevent additional replacement surgeries, the central line wrap and sleeve were introduced to secure the lines in addition to a sterile dressing.

To read about how CareAline provided an invaluable solution for the youngest of their pediatric patients prompting an ongoing inclusion of our products in their safety bundles, CLICK HERE.

image of medical conference poster from Colorado Children's Hospital

Zero Accidental Dislodgements

In 2014, the Children’s Hospital of Colorado carried out a proof-of-concept analysis within the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders (CCBD), based on the Anschutz Medical Campus.

To read about how the application of CareAline products decreased accidental line removals from 23% to zero, CLICK HERE.


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