Safety in the hospital and at home


Your homecare patient who wants to cook her family breakfast without tubing falling in the eggs.

Your Lyme disease patient who is running out of sites because of her recurrent CLABSI.

Your 2 year old patient, who is just, well,  trying to be two.

Your newborn patient’s mom who is craving to hold her baby safely.

Your teenage patient who is sick of the questions at school.

We can help.

Hospitals have seen the immense value our products contribute to increasing safety and lowering cost.Those that have added CareAline as part of their standard of care immediately see improved patient outcomes, decreased vascular access line complications such as CLABSI and dislodgment, and higher patient satisfaction. Improved clinical outcome and patient satisfaction has proven how much these products can change lives and line management as we know it today.

"It has now become part of our everyday care of the lines, and we provide each patient with a line with these wraps or sleeves. We also... send them home with it; we even have our family learning center - who do some of our discharge teaching for our patients - include these wraps as part of their discharge teaching.”

Terri Smith, BSN, RN

UH/Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital


When added as a local contract vendor, we provide initial training, ongoing support, and innovation collaboration. We have a passion to improve the lives of individuals managing chronic illness and understand the ever evolving nature of the healthcare system.


Creating success for patients at home begins at the time of line placement or admission to the hospital. Includng CareAline Sleeves and Wraps in safety bundles will contribute to improving clinical outcomes both in the hospital and at home. It will provide consistent management for the life of the line, and ensure correct usage for optimal results.

CareAline Sleeves and Wraps are simple to apply and maintain, and proper usage, technique and care is pivotal in getting the most out of the product. Establishing consistent, repeatable processes in the hospital, and educating patients and caregivers on these processes, allows them to continue their line care more seamlessly at home.

graphic showing that CareAline garments travel with the patient from the hospital, to the clinic, to home and back.
If the sleeve or wrap is applied when the line is placed (or at admission to the hospital with an existing line), patients will be more confident and comfortable using it at home as part of thier continued, consistent care. When added to a safety bundle initiated on line insertion, and beginning the education process early, CareAline improves the standard of care in reguards to line management as we know it today, both in the hospital and at home.
a nurse putting a CareAline sleeve onto the arm of a patient in a clinic
It is critical that hospital staff utilizes the producs within the hospital and reccomends them for continued use at home so that they are used correctly, and function seamlessly, both in the clinical setting and daily life.
Consistent, repeatable processes established from day one allow CareAline Sleeves and Wraps to be seamlessly and simply integrated into daily line maintenance and care for clinicians and patients.
person pouring tea into a cup wearing a CareAline sleeve on their arm
graphic showing that CareAline garments travel with the patient from the hospital, to the clinic, to home and back.


Clinically proven to reduce line dislodgement, line breaks and CLABSIs, the CareAline Wrap provides a simple, cost-effective solution to inpatient and ambulatory management of vascular access lines.
Adding CareAline to your patient care process provides a simple solution that is consistent and safe in the hospital, at clinic, at home, and back again. It will reduce costly readmissions and line complications while improving patient quality of life.

Clinical Education Videos

Use these videos to supplement your staff education. Please reach out to our nurse educator, Erin, to schedule your virtual or in person inservice for your staff. You can reach her at


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