Whether you’re faced with the overwhelming task of managing your lines at home or you are a nurse looking for solutions for your patients, a CareAline wrap or sleeve will make a huge difference in terms of safety and comfort but which one? 

As many of you know, CareAline’s original wraps and sleeves were developed for our founders’ daughter, Saoirse, when she received a PICC line and later a central line in 2011. They were designed to keep her lines safe, and secure so she could play and live safely with her lines. Later, as we learned that it was not only a necessary solution for Saoirse but other kids and adults with lines, CareAline was born… but it never stopped there. 

As science and healthcare evolve and recommendations change to improve safety, so do CareAline’s products. Over the years, both the CareAline wrap and sleeve have undergone multiple iterations in regards to materials, sizing and even design in order to accommodate science and feedback from our clinical partners and patients. As we developed formal relationships with our clinical teams in 2015 and in consideration of modern INS standards, we learned that patients who required connection to treatment for longer periods of time needed something different. We learned that decreased unneccesary disconnections of lines resulted in reduced risk for infection and naturally better patient outcomes. So, we sought to modify our original pattern again. Additional velcro was added to create a wrap and a sleeve that can be removed without disconnection. After years of hospital trial and many adjustments, including personal testing by Kezia during her stem cell transplant in 2019, the CareAline Pro+ Sleeve and Wrap are ready to share with all of those in need of our products.

The Pro+ does not replace the clinically proven original wrap and sleeve. For patients with shorter duration treatments who will not require the application or removal of their CareAline product while connected to treatment, our legacy sleeves and wraps are for you. We will continue to listen and apply current scientific findings and community standards when it comes to all of our products in order to bring you the safe, secure and comfortable protection you need to live your life while undergoing treatment for chronic illness at home or in the clinic.

As always, we rely upon you to develop safe, comfortable, quality products. We’d love to hear from you! Email us at info@carealine.com with your feedback and ideas.


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